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LISTERIOSIS—We have not posted anything on our website to date concerning the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa as we were waiting for the authorities to trace its source. Unfortunately,despite extensive investigations and monitoring of the outbreak by The Department of Health and others (including DAFF),no source has yet been found. The outbreak which is apparently the largest in history,commenced with the first known case discovered in January 2017. To date there have been 915 known cases with 172 deaths spread over the entire country. Listeriosis was declared a notifiable disease three months ago. AMIE has naturally cooperated fully with the authorities in terms of testing of imported products. We will post any important updates as they occur,  ... read more


UPDATES: Avian Influenza EU–DAFF is sending an inspection team to the Netherlands,Spain and Poland in February 2018 to inspect facilities and controls. Other previously AI infected countries will be visited after 1 March-no details are available at this time.   Safeguard-Discussions between SA and the EU are continuing with each party sticking to its guns.It is possible that a dispute may be declared followed by mediation. In the interim AMIE’s litigation against the DTI... read more


Durban Port Issues/SOP 2017   Papers have been served on relevant parties. Now awaiting responses. DAFF has requested meeting for 29th September. Should consider roping in Etlin. Must be sure to discuss NHLS issue in detail,over which there is much dissatisfaction.   Georg and Bruce to set up working group with DAFF asap.   9.Executive Committee Issues   Recent issues were discussed and it was decided that current timing is not appropriate for AMIE intervention.Also no email to be sent to members at this time. Options open pending future developments.   10.Poultry Levy   David updated meeting on current status.   Awaiting response from NAMC-follow ups have been done and will be regularly repeated.   11.Strategic Fund   A lengthy discussion took place. The schedule was reviewed in detail with executive collection functions clearly agreed upon and noted.It appears as if final collection figure will be just short of R4m,but as David pointed out,this figure includes vat. David summarised AMIE’s finances,which,over the short term are extremely healthy,but longer term are very dependant on the poultry levy.   Attempt to obtain additional funding from EU (as before). Exec members to have discussions with AVEC and EU exporters at ANUGA.   Amie to consider distributing support details to all members once collection process is complete.... read more


EU Safeguard Action.   ITAC issued an essential facts letter,to which we have responded. The next step is for ITAC to propose a safeguard duty to Minister Davies,who will then discuss the recommendation with the Trade and Development Committee,consisting of SA and EU members. It appears as if ITAC is seeking a duty in the order of 35%.   We are still of the view that an investigation initiated under the TDCA agreement between SA and the EU cannot simply be converted into an EPA(the new agreement with the EU,replacing the TDCA) investigation and finding. As pointed out before,the two agreements differ greatly and we believe, and have been legally advised,that it would be unlawful for the SA Government to proceed with the safeguard under the new agreement and there is simply no provision for such action in terms of the EPA.We believe that if they wish to proceed,a totally new investigation needs to be commenced in terms of the EPA.   We have served legal papers on the DTI and SAPA to this effect.We now await for them to file their responses.... read more


As members are aware, the Netherlands was declared AI free on 17th May,while Poland and Spain are apparently AI free,with the UK expected to announce their freedom within the next two weeks.   DAFF,instead of reopening the Netherlands,initially delayed any decision due to the “plight” of the local poultry industry-a decision that reeks of using commercial and political interests instead of sps issues which the WTO compels them to do.   We sent DAFF a legal letter in this regard and they immediately changed their tune by saying that they wish to send a fact finding visit to the EU but will only do so once they have sourced the funds and this mission will take place after the European summer holidays,which are now over. Daff’s motives and strategy seem blatantly obvious,but they,of course,deny this.   We have heard rumours of impending inspection visits to EU countries but have thusfar been unsuccessful in obtaing clarification from DAFF.   While we are reluctant to go the legal route,this is,of course,an option. Events over the next few days will decide our approach-we will keep members informed.... read more

Safeguard Update

Both AMIE and SAPA had oral presentations at ITAC this week. The parties are not privy to each others presentations. What we do know,however,based upon documents placed in the public file,is that ITAC has requested SAPA to update information to 31 December 2016. One has to wonder why-what is the motive behind seeking updated and current information? And how long will this take to finalize? We can never be sure with ITAC,but it seems to indicate that a final safeguard decision is still some time away,   David  ... read more

Highly pathogenic avian influenza

Its that time of the year again and Avian influenza poses a risk to poultry exports from certain European countries. Hungary has already been banned from exports to South Africa. All eyes are now on the rest of the EU where outbreaks of HPAI have been found in wild birds in numerous countries,with those countries urgently taking steps to protect commercial flocks. SA authorities have given assurances that wild birds will not necessitate a ban,but they are watching the situation closely and any outbreaks within commercial flocks will result in import... read more


As members are aware,SAPA,who are addicted to protectionism,has initiated an Agricultural Safeguard Action against bone in chicken portions imported from the EU. This application is in terms of the provisions of the TDCA (the free trade agreement that exists between SA and the EU). We were expecting a safeguard action and are busy preparing our submissions,the first of which-a clarification and deficiencies request-has already been submitted. Submissions will also be made by the EU Commission at political level,as well as EU Associations and EU exporters. This is naturally a serious and threatening development and we will allocate significant resources to oppose it. We will keep you informed,  ... read more


AGOA, is at the time of writing,still not finalized. As regards poultry,there is already a lot of product on the water,and importers have been applying for quota allocation permits for the period commencing 1 April 2016. Beef has been finalized and the health certificate has been distributed to members.   The problems relate to pork.There is no agreement yet on unrestricted pork products (i.e those not requiring further processing at a registered PPP facility).THE DISAGREEMENT RELATES TO SHOULDER CUTS where the USA is demanding unrestricted access for some 15 items,whereas SA has agreed to only 3. Hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly without subjecting SA’s AGOA benefits to further... read more


AGOA seems to be back on track after much scurrying around,poor communication from most Government departments, and warnings from the USA. Apparently many permit applications for the period up to 31st March 2016 have already been received,despite a new outbreak of HPAI in Indiana,which caused much nervousness. Members have been advised that details pertaining to the quarter commencing 1st April 2016 will be gazette shortly. Lets hope for some smooth sailing to accompany the reintroduction of bone in chicken to SA from the USA after an absence of 16 Years,  ... read more


As members are aware,SA and the USA reached agreement on a health certificate for USA poultry and the market for bone in product has re-opened,with DAFF issuing health certificates. There is still some confusion relating to quota allocation permits.The original quota guidelines clearly state that this function will be handled by DAFF,while DAFF maintains that it is a DTI responsibility. We are in touch with all three parties (DAFF,ITAC,DTI) and as soon as we obtain some clarity we will advise members. The other area of uncertainty is the provision for salmonella testing that has been agreed upon. Here again,we await clarification. In the interim we congratulate all parties for reaching an agreement and thus preventing any AGOA duty penalties being imposed on... read more



Chairman’s Report AGM November 2015

26TH November 2015     CHAIRMAN’S REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED SEPTEMBER 2015     Good morning to our members and guests   Welcome to this, our 19th annual general meeting.   As always, the last year has been both eventful and hectic.At last year’s AGM I discussed the constant threats faced by our industry and the defences we always mount to counter and overcome those threats. 2015 has been no different.   In truth we can hardly be described as a large Association, but we are always seen by the media, governments and even our opponents as formidable and punching well above our weight.   Much of AMIE’s time and limited resources are devoted to the defence against threats to our Industry in the form of attacks against imports initiated by local industry, as well as an increase in trade restrictive regulatory actions by the various authorities who exercise control and oversight.   As we come to the close of 2015 there is still much indecision and confusion related to AGOA and its ramifications for us. Avian influenza has been rampant in many parts of the world and the proposed brining restrictions are still hanging in the air with SAPA attempting to discredit every aspect of DAFF’s research, investigations and conclusions.   Our currency has been at its most volatile this year and political instability has been the order of the day.These issues merely exacerbate the constant challenges we face.   This year has seen the emergence of rampant under invoicing as well as widespread abuse of PRRS VPN regulations.   As you know, one of our founding... read more

CEO’s Report AGM November 2015

                                                                                                    26 November 2015       CEO’S REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED SEPTEMBER 2015     Introduction   This is my 8th CEO’s AGM report, and possibly my last.   I have read through all my previous seven reports, as well as those of my predecessor.   Of all the documents in your pack,the CEO’s report is undoubtedly the most boring. It is a long winded summary, the contents of which members are fully familiar with from email notifications and newsletters.We pride ourselves on the fact that communication to members has always been professional, detailed and timeous. It probably takes up more of my time than any other function.   I will attempt to depart from tradition and keep my summary of this report as short as possible today.         2015 The Year in Review   As usual the year was eventful and challenging as our Chairman,Anthony Schneiderman has already told you.   Final anti-dumping duties were applied to bone in chicken imports from the UK,the Netherlands and Germany. ITAC originally missed its deadline-we kept them busy and on their toes-resulting in millions of rands worth of duty refunds from SARS. The duties for the UK and the Netherlands were lower than anticipated by SAPA and the media, but Germany was high.   So the chicken wars continued and have still not abated, as also applies to the difficulties surrounding the PRRS restrictions on imported pork meat.   The poultry attacks came with the usual hostility and insults from both SAPA and local poultry players.This continues incessantly. It was, of course, accompanied by a host... read more