28TH November 2013 CHAIRMAN’S REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED SEPTEMBER 2013 Good morning to our members and guests Welcome to this, our 17th annual general meeting. What does one say about a year like the past one? In a difficult economy with a very volatile currency we all face an avalanche of ongoing daily difficulties. Yet, as an industry, we have been called upon to fend off one vicious attack after another, from a collective that would rather look for handouts from the authorities than take a hard and searching look at its own businesses with their very obvious flaws. We have, with the generous help of both members and non- members, devoted a huge amount of our resources to staving off these attacks. We would naturally rather choose to live in peace and harmony with the local industry players, but they continuously choose confrontation and threat as opposed to peaceful coexistence and cooperation. Today, in this meeting, we will discuss the specific threats facing us–the ongoing poultry threats and attacks, the PRRS restrictions and the negative effects that they have had on trade, and the many testing and related bacteriological issues we are constantly forced to deal with. Running a business in this environment is sometimes like driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake—a very difficult act. However, this is a tough industry, run by tough people who have helped create a tough and resilient Association. Many of our members ,as well as non members, have contributed handsomely to our strategic fund as well as to the voluntary poultry levy that we launched just over a year ago.Without these funding sources we would simply not have been able to defend ourselves from ongoing attacks. Quite simply in this current format the voluntary poultry level is not sustainable. There are a select few who have contributed large sums of money whilst many of our members have become freeloaders. It is grossly unfair and it is for this very reason that we are in the process of applying for a statutory levy. We are, at all times, mindful of protecting our finances and using them wisely. (You will hear more details of our funding from David later). For that, I together with my Executive Committee and our CEO thank you, and urge you to continue to remain pro- active and supportive.Our livelihoods depend on it. An Association like ours depends totally on the support and involvement of its members, and we would like to ensure your continuous input and unwavering commitment in helping us to achieve our goals. Our Association continues to grow in membership, and more importantly in stature.We are no longer seen as a fringe player but rather as an integral, influential, and forceful part of an important industry.The authorities do not always like what we have to say, but they do consult with us, and we are usually treated with the respect that we have earned. AMIE has, for some years now, punched above its weight, and will never be a pushover.We can pride ourselves on the fact that we conduct ourselves with integrity and honour.Something that cannot always be said about our opponents. Sometimes we could gain a metre or two by ignoring the rules of combat, but we will not compromise our principles, and we are fully aware that whatever actions we take and statements we make are representative of our members,and are a reflection of their values. I would also like to thank Georg Southey once again for his extremely hard work and very long hours he puts into our association. Congratulations on also becoming a dad. I would like to thank David Wolpert for his absolute dedication to AMIE. David you are a man of integrity and honour who has earned the respect of this entire industry. I would like to thank my fellow executives for the long and many hours they have given to AMIE. Without your time and effort we would cease to exist. I would like to wish the incoming executive committee a successful year in leading our Association forward and continuing to grow the recognition and respect which AMIE receives from fellow members on the RMIF, government, foreign organizations,the media, and most importantly, our own members. From the Executive and myself, we wish you all a healthy and happy festive season. Thank you. Anthony Schneiderman