PO BOX 1809 TEL +27 11 8032058 RIVONIA FAX +27 11 8075691 2128 E MAIL: ceo@amiesa.co.za SOUTH AFRICA. Mobile:082 5636002 Web www.amiesa.co.za 28th November 2013 Minutes of the 17th Annual General Meeting held at Huddle Park Club on the 28th November 2013 at 11.00 h. 1) Welcome David Wolpert took the Chair and welcomed all members and guests, and read out the apologies list. 2) Apologies and Agenda Formal apologies were received from: Graeme Lane ,Paul Ibbotson,Richard Horsfall,Jane Russell and Bob Papendorf. The Agenda was approved with SPS Issues added to general 3) Confirmation of Minutes The minutes of the 16th AGM held at Rivonia Sports Club on 20th November 2012 were confirmed and signed.There were no matters arising. Proposed by Seymour Talpert and seconded by Jeff Knight. 4) Chairman’s Report Anthony Schneiderman presented and discussed his report, which has been posted in full on the AMIE website for access by members only.He highlighted the well- known challenges facing the industry and its participants and thanked members for their help and involvement. 5) CEO’s Report David Wolpert presented the CEO’s report which has also been posted in full on the AMIE website for access by members only.Much time was devoted to the anti-dumping and PRRS situations with a full update given,as well as various items affecting cash management and normal business issues. 6) Approval of Audited Financial Statements for 2013, and Budgets for the F2014 Year David Wolpert took the members through the audited accounts for F2013 as well as the budgets for F2014. Major income and expenditure items were explained, as well as the relevant balance sheet and notes. Time was spent on explaining the surplus, as well as AMIE’s cash flow management of its own funds as well as the strategic fund account, its purpose and updated situation of this fund and the voluntary poultry levy. Approval was proposed by Seymour Talpert and seconded by Georg Southey. 7) Appointment of Auditors and Approval of their Remuneration The audit fee for the audit for 2013 was approved, as were interim audit, consulting and levy audit costs.The auditors, Mazars, were reappointed for the 2014 financial year. Proposed by David Wolpert and seconded by Russell Hanger. 8) Market Access A lengthy and detailed discussion took place regarding the current anti- dumping situation as well as PRRS.AMIE’s deep involvement was explained as were various aspects of future strategy Donald Mackay of XA International handled the anti dumping issues and Mike Burger the PRRS situation.Numerous questions and comments from the floor were dealt with. 9) Election of Executive Committee Members No new nominations were received and the existing committee was elected unopposed. The following Committee will serve for 2014: Anthony Schneiderman Seymour Talpert Russell Hanger Anton van Rensburg Jeff Knight Mark Luff Mike Burger 10.Change To the Constitution The constitution requires a change in order for AMIE to continue to enjoy its tax free status. A proposal was tabled by David Wolpert and approved by 15 votes in favour and none against. Together with proxies received the change was approved. 11.SPS Issues Georg Southey dealt with current sps threats as well as AMIE’s actions in response. The meeting closed at 13.00 pm. CONFIRMED___________________________________DATE________