AMIE PRESS RELEASE 10 NOVEMBER: PO BOX 1809 TEL +27 11 8032058 RIVONIA FAX +27 11 8075691 2128 E 10 November 2011 MEDIA STATEMENT The Association,whose members represent approximately 90% of all South African meat importers,as well as a number of overseas exporters and associations,has been generally accepted and recognised as the industry spokesperson,both locally and internationally. As a member of the Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF),AMIE’s primary objectives are to promote ethical trade,and strict adherence to all laws,regulations and protocols,ensuring honesty and transparency for all on a level playing field. The South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC),recently became aware of certain alleged irregularities relating to Orion Cold Storage,a Cape based entity,that is not a member of AMIE,and passed this information on to the RMIF. AMIE,in terms of its constitution,supports any actions that promote fair trade and responsible and ethical commercial activity. We condemn any actions that could compromise the health of consumers,as well as the misrepresentation of products,including the replacement of labels in order to present food as Halal products. AMIE condemns any practices that attempt to defraud the state of duties and taxes. We support the current action being taken by RMIF and SAMIC and trust that the rule of law will be enforced by the relevant authorities. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ASSOCIATION OF MEAT IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS OF SOUTH AFRICA