Durban Port Issues/SOP 2017


Papers have been served on relevant parties.

Now awaiting responses.

DAFF has requested meeting for 29th September.

Should consider roping in Etlin.

Must be sure to discuss NHLS issue in detail,over which there is much dissatisfaction.


Georg and Bruce to set up working group with DAFF asap.


9.Executive Committee Issues


Recent issues were discussed and it was decided that current timing is not appropriate for AMIE intervention.Also no email to be sent to members at this time.

Options open pending future developments.


10.Poultry Levy


David updated meeting on current status.


Awaiting response from NAMC-follow ups have been done and will be regularly repeated.


11.Strategic Fund


A lengthy discussion took place.

The schedule was reviewed in detail with executive collection functions clearly agreed upon and noted.It appears as if final collection figure will be just short of R4m,but as David pointed out,this figure includes vat.

David summarised AMIE’s finances,which,over the short term are extremely healthy,but longer term are very dependant on the poultry levy.


Attempt to obtain additional funding from EU (as before).

Exec members to have discussions with AVEC and EU exporters at ANUGA.


Amie to consider distributing support details to all members once collection process is complete.