As members are aware, the Netherlands was declared AI free on 17th May,while Poland and Spain are apparently AI free,with the UK expected to announce their freedom within the next two weeks.


DAFF,instead of reopening the Netherlands,initially delayed any decision due to the “plight” of the local poultry industry-a decision that reeks of using commercial and political interests instead of sps issues which the WTO compels them to do.


We sent DAFF a legal letter in this regard and they immediately changed their tune by saying that they wish to send a fact finding visit to the EU but will only do so once they have sourced the funds and this mission will take place after the European summer holidays,which are now over. Daff’s motives and strategy seem blatantly obvious,but they,of course,deny this.


We have heard rumours of impending inspection visits to EU countries but have thusfar been unsuccessful in obtaing clarification from DAFF.


While we are reluctant to go the legal route,this is,of course,an option.

Events over the next few days will decide our approach-we will keep members informed.