Benefits of Membership

Who and what are the Association?

The Association is known as the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters.

The Association is a legal persona and shall have perpetual succession notwithstanding any change of its members.

The Association shall not be carried on for the purpose of gain and the income shall be applied towards the promotion of the Objects, for which it was established.

The Association shall not be entitled to trade or participate in any business carried on by any of its members.

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Membership Fees
The only source of finance is the annual membership fee, which is currently R20000 plus vat, payable no later than 3 months after the AGM in November.

There is also a one-time entrance fee of R8000 plus vat for new members.

Offshore members qualify as Associate Members and pay the same entrance fee of R8000 and R20000 annual membership.

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