Membership Fees

The only source of finance is the annual membership fee, which is currently R20000 plus vat, payable no later than 3 months after the AGM in November.
There is also a one-time entrance fee of R8000 plus vat for new members.
Offshore members qualify as Associate Members and pay the same entrance fee of R8000 and R20000 annual membership.

Not a member? Join now.

We / I hereby make application to the Executive Committee of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters for admission to membership. If accepted we / I undertake to observe and be bound by the provisions of the Constitution, the by-laws of the Association, and to further the objectives of the Association. Should we / I not observe all relevant legislation, or fall 90 days or more in arrears with statutory levies, the Executive Committee has the right to suspend membership until the situation is satisfactorily remedied.

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