We have not had any updates for some time as there has been nothing to report.

ITAC has still not communicated any outcome or proposed outcome.

At a Parliamentary Portfolio Committe hearing,which we attended and addressed,ITAC stated that they would have a recommendation on the minister’s desk by the end of May.

If such recommendation is an increase from the provisional safeguard of 13.9 % as has been alluded to,then a new essential facts letter will have to be circulated with all interested parties,including ourselves,having the right of reply.

We are still of the opinion(backed by legal opinion) that a safeguard investigation initiated under the TDCA may not simply be concluded under an entirely different trade agreement i.e the EPA.Instead a new investigation would have to be launched.

The EU concurs with this view and has notified SA of this.

This issue may well prove to be very decisive once ITAC”s recommendation becomes public knowledge.