As regards the EU safeguard application,the provisional safeguard ran out on 3rd July and no final safeguard had been initiated.

This resulted in SARS having to refund importers with the total of all provisonal safeguard payments made between 15th December 2016 and 3rd July 2017.

The only other notable development in this area is the fact that AMIE has been granted an oral hearing by ITAC which will take place on 8th August 2017.


We are still having numerous problems with DAFF and are negotiating certain issues with them,but we have also been “forced”to serve legal papers on them on some of these issues.

We believe that any safeguard implementation would be illegal as the safeguard was commenced under the SA/EU TDCA agreement,but that agreement has been replaced by the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and we have been advised that ITAC/DTI may not merely seamlessly transition from one agreement to the other.



Durban port is still shambolic and DAFF is not coping.Cape Town is showing signs of going the same way.This is another ongoing dispute that we have with DAFF.


The Netherlands has still not been re-opened to poultry imports,as we reported earlier.

DAFF has informed us that they will adopt the identical stance with other EU countries once thay have been declared AI free.

This is another issue that could lead to a major dispute.


Other AMIE/DAFF points of contention are import packaging,PRRS controls,the proposed 2017 SOP for bacteriological testing,the Brazilian plant delistings which,at this point,are under suspension and permit office issues–all in all a very adversarial relationship exists.